We all love the idea of having a plant at home. That being said, plants are remarkably efficient at purifying the air also they have psychological beneficient such as helping to reduce the blood pressure. They can help us feel more relax and calm also help increase your focus. but many of us have a problem with keeping them alive.

In this post, we’ll explain why plants are important, explain how to take care of yours and provide 4 suggestions if you’re new to houseplants.

1. Right plant, right place.

One of the most mistakes often makes is buying the houseplants based on how beautiful they are especially for those who are starting. That’s the first mistake that will lead to a dying plant.

The plant you think is super easy for taking care of will be hard if it’s not in a good spot. So first and foremost choose the plant based on the place you will put it in. before going to the plant store, it’s important to know exactly where in the house of in our workspace you want that plant to go. Is there a lot of Sun? is there shade? What’s the temperature situation like?
That way when you are at the plant store you can check the tag to see if it’s going to be an appropriate match. While you are in the plant store anyway, there’s also another couple of things you might want to consider.

2. Watering your plant.

Over-watering or under-watering plants are probably the single most common reason why a lot of houseplants die But every plant is very specific when it comes to its watering requirements But there are a few important rules of thumb that might help.

You want the soil to get pretty dry between waterings So just use your finger to see what the soil situation is like A couple of centimeters into its depth. If it’s still moist you can skip watering but if it’s dry I like to water it until I see just a bit of water coming out onto the base plate.

3. The light.

Some plants work well in the Sun some work well in the shade But regardless all of them need some source of natural light. in the darker winter months You might need to move your plants towards a light source, but generally speaking, Plants don’t like to be moved. They get accustomed to the environment that they’re in so move your plants if you have to but otherwise just let them be.

4. Insects & Bugs

While you’re watering your plants just take a quick second to Inspect the leaves to see if there are any signs of any insects or bugs and if there are you want to deal with these right away You might notice little webs or insects that look like fruit flies or these bugs that look like they’re covered in cotton and if you don’t know what it is You can take a picture into your local nursery for some help or search it up online 

For a lot of the different kinds of pests I usually just spray the leaves with a bit of soap and water solution and then wipe it clean using a damp cloth You might need to repeat this a couple of times, but it usually does the trick.

Whenever you’re dealing with plants don’t be discouraged if you try something new and it doesn’t work some plants just die It’s the circle of life, but you’re gonna get better at it each time And remember you can always also match your comfort and skill set level to the kind of plant that you’re going for.