Plants are very important in our lives. They basically provide us with food, fresh breathable air and, of course, stress-relief. So, considering to obtain a houseplant is a bright idea, especially amidst of urbanization and closely-compacted cities. If you are still a beginner in the plant’s worlds or just want to add a new addition to your collection, then we made you a list of plants that are related to different personalities in a unique way.

1. Spider Plant (Extroverted personality)

If you are the kind of people who are always surrounded with people, busy or not always at home, then you can highly consider obtaining a spider plant. The plant doesn’t have demanding needs which make it the best candidate for such personality. It can tolerate scarcity in watering and just requires indirect light to flourish. It also doesn’t need repotting unless it outgrows its pot.

Spider Plant - Mashtal Garden Centers

2. Snake Plant (Minimalist personality)

If you are looking for a plant that can save you space whether in the office or in the house then you should consider the snake plant. Its tendency to grow in an upward manner makes it a good fit. And in addition to that, it is considered to be one of the easiest plants to take care of. Just as the spider plant, they don’t require much watering and they can thrive in an indirect sunlight exposure.

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3. Red Prayer Plant (Introverted personality)

If you are the kind of people who doesn’t like to get out away from house much or who does prefer to spend time away with species other than humans, then the red prayer plant maybe a great fit for you. It is also not a plant that requires hard caring but it needs constant watering. It is recommended that you water it whenever the top of the soil becomes dry. It requires an indirect sunlight and can thrive in an average house temperature.

4. Dragon Tree Plant (Generalist personality)

If you are looking for all-in-one plant then the dragon free might be your choice. It is elegant in shape, easy to take care of, doesn’t get frustrated when being in neglect and can fit in your working place or home as a beautiful addition. The great advantage of such plant that if it gets more neglect than care, it will still flourish once you come back again to it. It prefers bright light environment but can also accept the shadowed light areas. It is advised to water it whenever the top of the soil becomes dry, but if you forget to do so for a couple of times, don’t worry it can survive spending some time in dryness.

5. Kalanchoes Plant (Optimist Personality)

If you are an optimist and you want always a bright encouraging plant always beside you, then the kalanchoes is your choice. This plant is characterized by its beautiful and colorful flowers that flourish in the summer and blossoms also in the winter. The Kalanchoes likes the light but the direct exposure to sunlight for long hours can burn its leaves so be careful. In terms of watering it, it is recommended to water it whenever the soil dries out completely.

Kalanchoe: Indoor Plant Care & Growing Guide

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