Since summertime is finally here and the temperatures are getting high with possibilities of heatwaves, then it is quite an important time to talk about some of the houseplants that can thrive and flourish at these times. If you are living in a country that is featured with hot weather for long months (or even in a country with just a few months of heat) and you are looking for a plant that can survive such weather, then we are providing you with a shortlist of the top plants that can withstand and prosper in such weather. In addition, we are also telling you when to water them and how they like to receive their light.

1. Cacti

You most certainly have heard about or seen at least one type of cacti plant. It is very famous for its resistance to heat and its general capability of storing water. Its shapes varieties and different sizes can give you a great collection in your house. The cacti plant can cope very well with direct bright light. It can be watered once every month. Since it is a houseplant that can resist heat, it can also tolerate underwatering. On the other hand, try to avoid overwatering the cacti plant.

2. Succulent

If you are looking for beautiful varieties of shapes and colours, then you should look for a succulent houseplant. It is an easy maintenance plant. The green varieties of the succulent love the sun. They can be placed near a window and enjoy the sun for almost all day long. The more colourful types require less time of exposure to light. The succulent can be watered once every week and can hold up to 2 weeks without water. Avoid overwatering it as it might light to its death.

3. Aloe Vera

Many botanists consider this plant as one of the toughest houseplants that you can ever have. It doesn’t need much attention in addition to its tolerance of different conditions of the environment. In addition to its low maintenance capabilities, aloe vera can give back to you. Its gel can be used medically to heal minor burns and wounds. When you water your aloe vera, you need to make sure that the soil is completely dry before doing so. Also, the plant can die due to overwatering it, so you need to avoid doing so. It can be exposed to indirect bright light so you can mostly place it close to a south or west-facing window.

4. Indoor Palm Tree

If you want to feel the tropical sensation inside your house, then it might be a great idea to obtain a palm tree. It best thrives in moderate conditions. It prefers indirect bright light and survives low light conditions. The water you plant as soon as the soil becomes dry. It can tolerate underwatering but not for long. And as it is the case with the aloe vera and succulent, this plant cannot handle overwatering. Also, an important factor to consider when buying a palm tree is that they can grow tall so you need to check if you have an available appropriate position for it.

5. Devil’s ivy

It is considered one of the most popular houseplants. It is a close houseplant to the palm tree in terms of maintenance and care. Since it can grow up to 10 inches, you can hang it from a pot on your wall or over a bench and it would give a beautiful scene with its heart-shaped leaves. It likes to grow under bright indirect light exposure. Besides that, it can tolerate dim environment. Also, you need to water it once every week for summer months and once every month for winter months. You need to check that the soil is barely dry before watering.

If you would like to set a schedule to remind you of when to water your houseplants, then a great idea is to use our GreenHub mobile application that is currently available on IOS App Store and will be available on Android Google Play very soon.