If you would like to gain the feeling of jungle vibes at your house or apartment, then you may consider obtaining several trailing houseplants. In this article, we are providing you with variant top 5 trailing plants that can give you that feeling and that are easy to handle and maintain.

1. Hoya Carnosa (Rubra)

It is generally known as a wax plant. Some houseplants collectors may consider it as a boring plant. However, the availability of the Rubra is abundant because of its easy growth. If you provide it with suitable conditions, it starts growing like a weed. If you buy them small, they will take a long time till they grow vines. It likes bright sunlight but you need to avoid direct exposure. If you notice that the leaves are more white than green, then you might need to expose it more to light. You can water your plant around every 2 weeks. If you overwater it, many leaves will start turning into yellow in colour.

2. Scindapsus Pictus (Argyreus)

It is one of the fastest-growing foliage plants that you might want to own. If it is provided with suitable growing conditions, it can grow between 10-12 feet per year. You can water it whenever the first few inches of the soil become dry (2-3 inches). If you are underwatering it, its leaves start to curl backwards. However, it recovers quickly once you normally water it again. If you are overwatering it, its leaves turn into yellow and start falling off. It is highly recommended to avoid overwatering the plant. Give it the bright indirect light and try to avoid the direct light exposure as it may burn the leaves.

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3. Rhipsalis

The Rhipsalis is famous for its hairy green look. It is a very low maintenance houseplant. They can survive in low humidity environments. Even though they are from the Cactaceae family, they do not need as much light as the other famous cacti plants. It prefers the indirect, bright light. Before watering it, you need to check if the soil is dry or at least moist before watering it again. It is recommended to water it once every 1-2 weeks.

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4. Ceropegia Woodii

The Ceropegia Woodii houseplant grows so fast that it can grow up to 1 foot per month when it is handled optimally. It is a low maintenance plant in terms of watering. It can be watered every 4-6 weeks. You can test whether it needs water or not be squeezing on its leaves. If the leaves bounce back to their normal shape, it means that it is well watered. Otherwise, the leaves may fold if the plant is underwatered. If you overwater it, some of the leaves may turn yellow. The Ceropegia Woodii prefers to receive bright indirect light.

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5. Peperomia (Hope)

If you are looking for a slow-growing, trailing plant that is extremely drought-tolerant, then you may consider obtaining the Peperomia plant. You can water it every 8-10 days. However, you need to make sure that at least the top 1-2 inches of the soil is completely dry. You need to avoid overwatering it because it might lead to roots rot. You can easily notice its need for water by looking at its leaves. Your indication is that if the leaves are wrinkling or contracting, then it is time to water it. Avoid the direct sunlight, otherwise, some of the leaves might get burned and turn into brown colour. So, the best fit for it is the bright, indirect sunlight.

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